• Module 1:  Ratios and Unit Rates

    Module 1: Ratios and Unit Rates

    Ratios and equivalent ratios are a way to compare quantities. We will utilize proportions for various applications. Representing proportions can also be done using a double number line. Learning and applying unit rate knowledge is a life-long skill. We will then compare unit rates. Converting measurements will also be done using proportions. Understanding percents is also a skill to be used through life. WE will learn about real-world applications while using the proportion technique.

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  • Module 4:  Expressions and Equations

    Module 4: Expressions and Equations

    Students will apply the order of operations to evaluate an expression. We will substitute quantities within an expression and utilize the distributive property. Verbal descriptions will be created for variable expressions to connect this knowledge to real-world practice. Solving equations using the inverse operation will be another skill we will cover. We will look for patterns to learn more about how numbers relate to each other. Inequalities will be graphed and solved to show possible solutions.

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  • Module 3:  Rational Numbers

    Module 3: Rational Numbers

    We will discuss the basics of positive and negative numbers as well as real-life scenarios for when rational numbers would be used. Plotting points on a coordinate plane using all four quadrants will also be practiced. Students will learn to measure distances between points and reflect over an axis.

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  • Module 2: Arithmetic Operations

    Module 2: Arithmetic Operations

    We will review operations with decimals and fractions. The new skill for sixth grade is dividing fractions.

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