Committees and Topics

  • The General Assembly {Chair Letter}
    Chaired by: Denim Miljkovic and Jannet Nuhanovic 
    •  Israeli & Palestinian Conflict
    • Geopolitics on Fossil Fuels
    • Use of Chemical & Biological Weapons
    Disarmament & International Security {Chair Letter}
    Chaired by: Joe Ciccolella and Connor Yingling
    • Drug Wars in Mexico
    • Preventing Terror Attacks
    • Kashmir Border Conflict
    Legal Committee {Chair Letter}
    Chaired by: Braedon Nanna and Erik Smith
    • Legal Definition and Role for Indigenous Peoples
    • The Status of Private Military Contractors
    • The Impact of Rising Sea Levels on International Law
    Economic & Social Council {Chair Letter}
    Chaired by: Marisa Medici and Rachel Wittman 
    • Preventing the Radicalization of Youth
    • Sustainable Development of Science and Engineering
    • The European Financial Crisis
    UN Women {Chair Letter}
    Chaired by: Katie Farkouh and Abagail Friedel
    • Female Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
    • FGM in Somaliland
    • Capital Punishment
    World Health Organization {Chair Letter}
    Chaired by: Marilynn Sergott and Aidan Uvanni
    • Combating the Zika Virus and its Effects
    • Children's Access to Vaccinations in Third World Countries
    • The Problem of Increased Antimicrobial Resistance
    Historical Simulation {Chair Letter}
    Chaired by: Nick Briggs and Keegan Steele
    • The Soviet-Afghan War
    Security Council {Chair Letter}
    Chaired by: Natalia Constantine and Katie Hamlin
    •  Nuclear Weapons in North Korea
    • Syria Cessation of Hostilities
    • Senkaku Islands Dispute