• Teachers: Mrs. Wander, Miss Williams

    Middle School Art 

    Grades 7/8


    Students work toward comprehension from the lower grades for deeper and more thorough work each succeeding year. Therefore, students through the arts mature by learning and the gratification through their accomplishments. Every project includes its own skills, knowledge, and techniques. At the middle school (7/8 grade) level students are very aware of popular culture. They want to incorporate elements from this culture into their art for means of expression. Students are provided a means of communication through modes of thoughts and actions in a positive outlet. Works produced at this level will be taken from the characterization phase to the realism phase of development by applying the elements and principles. An important aspect of study at this level is to address individual needs at the point where they enter the program.

    Every indicator needs time for focused sequential study, application, and contemplation. Students will be able to master a variety of materials suitable for their own developmental stage. Works will be displayed in the center gallery and offices to encourage students to enhance their own environment. Developmentally, they have become more aware of themselves as a member of a society. Students need to progress beyond the basic contact to the arts to the development of higher level acquisition and contemplation through creating, critiquing, exposure and communication. 

    sculpture ceramics
    Painting drawmixed media