• Teachers: Ms. Davis, Mr. Williams

    The high school program permits students to delve into the intricacies of art.   The program is a valuable means of focusing energies on creative problem solving. The general studio art class provides students a chance for a deeper level of comprehension of the elements and principles. Student’s abilities are developed to encourage them to develop their own artistic style. The Drawing and Painting Class continues to develop a foundation in the skills of drawing and painting through problem solving, cognitive thought and a form of personal expression. Advanced Drawing and Painting provides students with focused time on self -discovery through advanced concentrated study. The Portfolio Class provides an opportunity to master the application of the elements and principles for self-expression in a more self-regulating environment. Students may pursue their interest in 3 Dimensional studies through Ceramics. Students focus in on additive and subtractive methods through exploration in a variety of mediums. Digital Arts and Photography classes apply advanced technologies to student expression and application of the elements and principles of art. They are being active makers of visual culture as opposed to passive viewers.

    Every indicator needs time for focused sequential study, application, and contemplation. Students will be able to master a variety of materials suitable for their own developmental stage. Students need to progress beyond the basic contact with the arts to the development of higher level acquisition and contemplation through creating, critiquing, exposure and communication. Our program encourages the development of both “imagination and knowledge”.

     Gold photoceramic draw