• Welcome to Room 6 and our Terrific Trout
    The students will be taking part in a wonderful project called Trout in the Classroom.  Students will have an opportunity to care and observe the life cycle of a trout. This will be the second year my class will particpate in this project.
    A little background on this project:
    * We will begin this project at the end of October when we will be given 200 eggs.
    *  We will have to keep a very watchful eye on water temperature, pH levels, and overall quality of the environment for the fish.
    * Our goal is to have 20-25 thriving fish to release at the end of the school year.  Last year we had close to 100 trout to release!
    *  Once our eggs hatch a live web cam link will be provided below.  The students will be able to log on between the hours of 3pm - 10pm Monday - Friday.  I will send a notice home once the link becomes live with the username and password to get on and watch from home.  Please ask your child what they have learned so far about the life cycle of a trout.
    Click this link to view our Trout Tank:      

    Trout Cam