• English 7

    Mrs. Toth

    Team 7A

    This class will consist of a variety of learning activities, individual work, group work, writing assignments, and projects that inspire, cultivate, and empower students to reach their full potential.



    Benefits of English Class


    English class is incredibly important because as young adults living in America, you need to be conscious of how you express yourselves.  English provides the way in which you will build all of your learning. Without a solid background in the English language, you will not be able to read, write, listen, or speak well.  This will adversely affect all of your other subjects in school and ultimately your success in life. Knowing how to present yourself to others and how to think critically about matters will help you now and down the road in college or in the workplace.

    This class will consist of a variety of learning activities, individual work, group work, writing assignments, and projects that inspire, cultivate, and empower students to reach their full potential.


    Class Rules


    • Be respectful of all people and property.
    • Enjoy the class and find ways to grow as a learner.
    • Always give 100% and do not use the words, “I can’t.”
    • Do all assignments and study.
    • Ask questions and use time wisely
    • Pay attention, listen carefully, and PARTICIPATE in class.
    • Be willing to make mistakes, as you learn the most from these.


    Classroom Expectations:


    • Be prepared -- bring in supplies and homework to class daily.
      • Supplies include 2 inch 3 ring binder, small post-it notes or flags, 8 subject dividers, 1 2-pocket folder with prongs, pens, pencils, highlighters, loose leaf paper, and index cards (when specified).
    • Be productive -- by working in class on my assigned work.
    • Be polite -- use your manners; please and thank yous (I will remind you)
    • Be prompt -- be in your seat and working when the bell rings.
    • Be a problem-solver -- find solutions to your problems, if you need help -- ask.
    • One voice is heard at any one time.
    • Always try and do your best!!!




    *The following in bold are schooltool categories and percentages for your overall grade.  

      The listed items on the right are examples of what may fall into those categories, but the 

      lists are not all inclusive.


    • Homework   15% ~ quick checked work
    • Quiz 25% ~ reading comprehension, grammar, independent reading,
          story/poetry/novels, and formatting/writing
    • Writing 30% ~ outlines, rough drafts, discussion questions, short responses, extended
          responses, and final pieces
    • Cumulative Activity 30% ~ unit re-collection, portfolio, RC reflections, projects, and



    Binder Organization:


    Your binder should have 8 dividers. Please label the dividers with the following titles and place them in the following order:

    • Current Units
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Grammar
    • Writing
    • Independent Reading/Book Study
    • Literary Notes/Glossary
    • Course Guidelines
    • Loose Leaf


    Work Policies:


    • Assignments are due on the date prescribed.
    • Classroom books that are assigned must be returned at the conclusion of the said unit.  For books that have been lost or severely damaged, it is the student’s responsibility to reimburse the school the cost of the book. (See teacher)
    • Work needs to be legible and have your full name (first and last) and English class period on the paper.
    • Work that is late will not receive full credit, unless you were absent from class. You will have one day for each day absent to make up the assignment that you missed. It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to show teacher late work.
      • For any missed quiz or test you must complete the quiz or test  prior to its scheduled review. (e.g. you were absent on 9/20 (RC 1 Quiz), you must complete quiz prior to your class on 9/24.)
    • Long-term assignments (work that you are given a week or more to complete: e.g. select writing and independent reading work) that are late will lose 5 points per day until no credit can be given.
    • Work that is COLLECTED (not checked) must be turned in by the end of the day 2:50pm. DO NOT slide materials under my door if it is locked. Instead, bring the material to the main office and kindly ask the secretary to place it in my mailbox.

    • Small daily/nightly assignments (homework) worth only 5 points will receive no credit if they are late.
    • Small daily/nightly assignments (homework) worth 10 points can receive up to 5 points if completed and checked by your teacher no later than the following class day.

    *If for some reason you forget to write down the homework assignment, or you missed a class (e.g. a music lesson) you can:

    • Ask a friend on your team for the assignment
    • Look at the online homework board located on the school website
    • Visit Google Classroom as most work will be posted here
    • Pick up your missed work from the classroom ASAP
      • Absent/Missed Work


    *If you know you will be out for an extended period of time, please provide the teacher with a one week notice if you want the work ahead of time.


    ** THE BOTTOM LINE: There really should not be any issue completing assignments in a timely manner because most everything is accessible on Google Classroom! Make sure you prioritize your work and plan ahead for success!


    Consequences for Poor Behavior:


    There are always consequences for one’s behavior.  Poor behaviors may receive a teacher detention all the way to a visit to the principal’s office, with notification to your parents along the way.  


    BOTTOM LINE:  Treat others the way in which you would like to be treated.

    NOTE: If I feel that your behavior is seriously disrupting the learning environment for our classroom, I may remove you from the classroom without any previous warning.  I will not allow your behavior or attitude to disrupt the learning of others within the classroom. I respect you as a part of this classroom and I expect the same in return towards your fellow classmates.

    ** For further information see school policies including academic integrity, please see pages 14-20 of the student/parent handbook. **




    Respect yourself:

    This ranges from how you act to the way you dress. People will respect you more if they see that you respect yourself and that you respect others.  On the other hand, people will lose respect for you when you say or do things that hurt others.


    Respect others:  

    The Golden Rule is to treat people how you want to be treated.  I demand that you respect people by never saying anything mean to them and by never invading their personal space.


    Respect me:

    It is very important for you to work and cooperate with me so that we can spend the year learning.  One of the most important parts of cooperation is for you to listen when I speak (not to talk over me) and to do what I ask of you to the best of your ability.  All I can ask of you is to push yourself to reach your full potential. 


    I am looking forward to a wonderful school year with you!

    !!Classroom Procedures!!


    Please make yourself aware of the following procedures.  I will remind you of these at the beginning of the year, but I expect you to familiarize yourself with them as quickly as possible in order to help our class run smoothly.


    Bell work:  Each day there will be directions written on the SMARTboard for you to follow.  You can begin working on the assignment as soon as you get yourself situated. Please do not wait for the bell to begin.  If you are ready to go, you have more time to complete the assignment. If you are not working diligently by the time the bell rings (e.g. talking, not having materials out and ready) you will receive a disciplinary warning.


    Assignments (completed out of class): On the days that work is due, I will either check it (homework) or have you turn it into my collection tray/bin in the back of the room (independent reading, writing, essays).  If you have not finished your homework for a heavily weighted assignment, or you are a repeat offender for not completing daily assignments, you will follow the discipline policy as previously outlined.  


    Community Items:  I have placed tissues, hand sanitizer, pencils/pens (please return before you leave the room so that others can use these), tape, paper clips, and other items on the back table.  You may use these whenever you may need. I understand that from time to time, you may forget, it is okay that is why these items are available to you. If you cannot find what you need, borrow from a friend.


    Cell Phones & Electronics:  You are at no time to have your cell phones, ipods, or other electronics in use or in any visible spot.  If I see any of these items, they will be confiscated immediately. Not only is this a school policy, but I find it very disruptive and disrespectful, and the use of these items in class or study hall will not be tolerated.  The items will go automatically to the main office and you will be written up for the offence. *see page 33, 37, and 39-40 of the Student/Parent Handbook.


    Food & Drink:   Please do not eat in my classroom.  I will permit you to have water with you (in a bottle with a sealed top) during class if you need it.  If you have a medical circumstance where you need food or something other than water to drink, the nurse will alert me to this information.


    Emergency Procedures:  The following are some emergency procedures we will most likely encounter in the form of drills throughout the school year. Please see page 36-37 of the Student/Parent Handout for further information.

    • Fire drill
    • Lock down
    • Lock out
    • Hold in place


    Tardiness:  Just like a job, it is your responsibility to arrive to class on time. If you know you will be late because you are speaking with the teacher from your previous class, please obtain a pass from your teacher before coming to my class. When you arrive late, please place your pass on the table by the door. Silently find your seat and engage in the lesson.


    Please see page 8 under “Attendance Philosophy,” and pages 20-23 under in the Student/Parent Handbook for school policies.


    Portfolios:  Throughout the year you will have several major assessments including tests and essays.  I will be asking you to let me keep these in a folder in my classroom rather than have you hold on to them.  My first reason for this is that I do not want you to lose these important materials. The second reason is that I want to be able to have you look back on your work periodically throughout the school year to note your improvements and also to see where you most need to focus your energies.  You can access your portfolio at any time, just ask me!


    Extra Help:  I am happy to support you when you need help!  Please see me to schedule a time to see me for a pre-signed pass.  You can also email me. I tend to check my emails on my free periods and before and after school.


    Information & Materials:  If you need information about class or homework, please check the school website and homework board.  You also have access to your Google Classroom (we will set this up during the first full week of school).  I will also distribute information about setting up a Remind account. This will allow me to message parents and students with really important class reminders (like test or essay dates).  If you lost or misplaced any papers or assignments you need for class, please find additional copies in the back of my room or download and print your own from the school’s website or Google Classroom.


    Extra Credit:  I believe that a student should NOT be given extra credit if he or she cannot do the original work assigned.  Why ask for more if you can not complete the assigned work? Although extra credit is NOT an option, students may have opportunities to earn golden tickets.  Golden tickets have many uses including additional points on select quizzes, free missed homework of 5 points, and not losing daily points on late work.  These uses are detailed on the back of each golden ticket you earn. Following is a list of possible ways to earn golden tickets.



    • Unit Vocabulary ~ For each independent reading unit, there will be a list of vocabulary words. Your job will be to pick ten of these words and complete the corresponding packet for that unit. For every packet, students can earn one golden ticket (more than one can be accepted per unit if there are enough vocabulary words - for example, if one unit has 30 words, students may create up to 3 packets for one ticket each)..


    • Outside book report ~ You will read an independent book of your own choosing and complete the book report packet to submit to me. For each completed packet, you will earn a golden ticket.
    • Active participant in book club (library) ~ Librarian will provide me with this list of participants. For each book you read, you will earn a golden ticket.
    • Writing contests - information provided  teacher, school, or community
    • Classroom assistance
    • 95 and above essay score (without any previously added bonus)
    • Perfect score on benchmarks
    • Perfect score on unit tests (without any previously added bonus)
    • Highest quarter average per class
    • Perfect quarter average 
    • Most improved per quarter
    • Best attitude per quarter  ~ initiative, conscientious, goes above and beyond
    • For every 10 stars on perfect quiz chart  


     As other opportunities for bonus arise during the school year, students will be notified.