• Top 10 Tips for Parents of English Language Learners
    10. Make sure your child is prepared for school.

    9. Work with your child's teacher.

    8.When your child is having difficulty understanding schoolwork in English explain concepts in your home language first. 
    7. Encourage your child to be proud of your heritage. Encourage them to read and write in your home language.  
    6. If your stay in the U.S. is not permanent, encourage your child to learn all he or she can while here.  Remind them that learning English is not to replace what they already know but instead is to enhance it.     
    5. Have fun with language! 

    4. Help your child to focus on understanding of books as well as pronouncing the words. 
    3. Your child should be reading books for pleasure at an easy independent level. Use every sign, billboard, or menu as an example of reading.

    2. Tell your child how important you think school is and encourage him or her to participate in class.  
    1. You need to find a balance in using both English and your home language in your home.