• Welcome to French 7 Period 3 & 9, French 8A Period 7, French I Accelerated Period 6, Spanish I Accelerated Period 2


    Mrs. Norton


    315-266-3100 x2226

    Planning Periods: 1, 8 (4 in computer lab)


    The first year of a language offers a whole new experience for students!  The language classroom is like no other. We will experience many interactive activities, as that is the best way to learn speaking, listening, reading, writing, and culture.  With this new type of class comes new responsibilities that are well worth the reward of learning to speak another language.



    • The skills we will learn are USEFUL.
    • Some of the topics will have PERSONAL meaning.
    • This will be a student-centered class.  YOU are in charge of your learning!
    • You will have CHOICES.



    • To treat all individuals with care and respect
    • To use learning opportunities wisely
    • To ask questions
    • To not give up
    • To believe in yourself



    • To treat you with care and respect
    • To offer you learning opportunities
    • To make expectations clear
    • To provide a safe, orderly classroom conducive to learning
    • To believe in you!



    • I strictly adhere to all the expectations and consequences outlined on pages 19-27 of the student handbook.  Please note in particular:
      • Cell phones are not permitted in class.  If seen or heard, the device will be confiscated and returned after 9th period.  If the infraction occurs again, the student will be assigned detention and the device will only be released to a parent. (p22)
      • Profanity will not be tolerated.  Insults, gossip, and demeaning remarks toward a classmate in or outside of this classroom will be treated as profanity.  2 detentions and a call home will be given for the first offense. (p22)
      • Any student who does not have a pass and is not seated in his/her assigned seat by the time the bell rings will be considered tardy.  I will allow ONE warning for ONE close-to-the-bell tardy; subsequent offenses will incur the consequences outlined on page 27.
      • The consequences for cheating are found on page 21.  Use of an online translator is considered cheating.
    • In addition, the following rules apply in this classroom:
      • Bathroom use should not become a habit.  Please look at your schedule and determine when your best times to “go” are (lunch, studyhall, PE).  You will ask and sign out IN FRENCH/FRENCH/SPANISH every time. Do not disrupt instructional time. You will use the closest facility.  If I feel you are taking advantage of the privilege, I will contact your parents.
      • Food is not permitted except during planned cultural experiences. A water bottle is encouraged as long as it does not become a distraction.
      • Walk with an academic purpose.  Unnecessary wandering will be treated as a classroom disruption with consequences including loss of participation points.
      • Talk with an academic purpose.  Pairs/groups are expected to communicate in FRENCH/FRENCH/SPANISH for the purpose of completing assigned tasks. Unnecessary chatter, calling out, shouting, and disturbing other groups, particularly in English, will be treated as a classroom disruption with consequences including loss of participation points.
      • Leave the classroom looking nicer than you found it.



    The consequences for certain specific behaviors are found in your student handbook.  Level A classroom disruptions that interfere with the learning process, do not pose an immediate safety risk, and are not explicitly noted in the student handbook will be handled as follows:

    • Step 1- Warning, possible temporary seat change
    • Step 2- Call home, other consequences specific to the offense (clean up, loss of privilege/material, permanent seat change, verbal/written apology, etc)
    • Step 3- Teacher detention
    • Step 4- Administrative referral  



    • 60% Summative (tests & projects) -  will assess listening, speaking, reading, writing, and knowledge of culture at the end of a unit of study.
    • 30% Formative
      • 15% quizzes & classwork - intended to provide feedback for student / teacher and guide learning / instruction.  Retakes may occasionally be offered, but it is the student’s responsibility to seek out extra help and schedule a time for a retake.
      • 15% participation - see attached rubric.  Participation grade reflects the extent to which a student takes responsibility for his/her learning, including how much he/she uses the target language.
    • 10% Homework - frequently vocabulary practice, always posted on blackboard and website, assigned Monday-Thursday/Monday-Friday/Monday-Friday.



    • 3-ring binder with 5 dividers
    • composition book
    • looseleaf, pencils, pens
    • index cards highly recommended


    What does a day in a language class look like?

    • Bellwork.  Come in and get straight to work.  This is also the time to see me about band lessons, grades, etc.  If you were absent, check the black file in the front of the room for missed work.
    • Homework check.
    • Class conversation in FRENCH/FRENCH/SPANISH.
    • New notes or vocabulary.
    • Practice.
    • Activity.  This is the fun part!  We will perform skits, play games, make art projects, use technology, cook, write, and more all in French!
    • Assign homework, do an example.
    • Exit ticket.

    I have read and understand what is expected of me in FRENCH 7, FRENCH 8A/FRENCH I Accelerated/SPANISH I Accelerated, and Mrs. Norton has given me the chance to ask questions about how our classroom is run.


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    I have discussed these expectations with my child and know how to reach Mrs. Norton if I/we have any questions.

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