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  • When “Vocabulary Journal” is assigned as homework, the goal is to study the current list of words and be prepared for a mini-quiz in class. You should spend a MINIMUM of 10 minutes per night on vocabulary. Students who struggle to remember or spell the words should spend longer. Remember to memorize the gender, too. You have a choice of the following assignments; choose the one that helps you learn the words the best, not necessarily the one that is easiest!

    1. 5x Each. Write French 5 times and English 1 time.
    2. Rainbow Writing. Write French and English one time in pencil. Trace French word over using three different colored pencils.
    3. Create a Crossword Puzzle or Word Search. Use an online tool or neatly draw your own.  Add accents by hand. Do your own puzzle (not just the printed answer key), then staple into composition book along with answer key.
    4. Create a Word Scramble. Mix up the letters in the French word. Write the English word correctly. Include handwritten answer key.
    5. One Picture, Many Words. Draw a scene. Label in French.
    6. Many Pictures, Many Words. Draw a picture to represent each vocabulary word. Write the French word beneath.
    7. Vocab Scribble. Scribble a design with large open spaces. Fill each space with French vocabulary written 5 times. Optional: use color!
    8. Flashcards. Create a set of flashcards. Put the French word on one side. Put the English word OR draw a picture on the other side. Practice with them. Paperclip into composition book.
    9. Study flashcards for at least 10 minutes. Have adult sign composition book.
    10. Memory. Use your flashcards to play memory. You must have a parent or teacher sign your journal saying you did this!
    11. Spelling Test. Have an adult read the English words as you write the French without your notes. When finished, use your notes to check your spelling. You must have the adult sign the page to say you did this.
    12. Quizlet. Play the online games for this unit for at least 10 minutes. Print the confirmation page or email.
    13. FAF. Fold paper in thirds. Write the French word then the English word. Fold back the French word and try to spell it from memory. Correct your work.

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