Reading Street

  • Reading Street is a comprehensive reading program that has a phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and conventions component. Each unit contains 5 lessons with a focus on one theme.

    PHONICS: Weekly spelling lists contain 20 words, 5 of which are challenge words. We will review and practice the spelling pattern in class throughout the week. On Fridays, students will take a spelling list. Ten words from the list, plus one challenge word will be chosen for the test on Friday. 

    VOCABULARY: Students will have exposure to and practice with the weekly vocabulary selection on a daily basis. Part of their reading test on Friday will include a vocabulary portion. Students will be expected to identify the vocabulary word that best completes a given sentence. 

    **Spelling and Vocabulary lists will be sent home on Fridays and assessed the following Friday.**

    COMPREHENSION: We will be doing units of study on 10 topics throughout the year. A variety of resources will be used to teach these concepts, and students will be assessed in different ways throughout each of these units. The following are the order of topics we will cover this year: Literary Elements, Sequence, Draw Conclusions, Compare and Contrast, Author's Purpose, Main Idea and Details, Cause and Effect, Generalize, Fact and Opinion, Graphic Sources.

    CONVENTIONS: Parts of speech, punctuation, and grammar are taught and reviewed throughout the week. Students are not tested on these skills each week, but they are assessed in our unit tests.