EnVisions 2.0

  • EnVisions 2.0 is an enhanced version of our previous math program, EnVisions. One of the greatest features of this new program is its digital resources, including many interactive features for students. At that start of the school year, students will be taught how to login to the website and access these features. Students are encouraged to visit the website at home for additional practice outside of school. 

    Third grade content is covered throughout 16 topics. You will see vocabulary cards come home at the start of each topic. I encourage you to keep these cards posted in a visible spot for your child to review. There will be topic tests given at the end of each topic, as well as benchmark tests given after every 4 topics. In addition to topic tests, timed fact tests will be given on a regular basis to increase fact fluency. Purchasing or making flashing cards is highly encouraged as fact fluency is a critical component to your child's success with the math content. 

    Below is the breakdown of our 16 topics:

    • Topic 1 - Understanding Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers
    • Topic 2 - Multiplication Facts: Use Patterns
    • Topic 3 - Multiplication Facts: 3, 4, 6, 7, 8
    • Topic 4 - Use Multiplication to Divide
    • Topic 5 - Fluently Multiply and Divide within 100 *your child will be expected to have fact fluency at this point!
    • Topic 6 - Connect Area to Multiplication and Addition
    • Topic 7 - Represent and Interpret Data
    • Topic 8 - Use Strategies and Properties to Add and Subtract
    • Topic 9 - Fluently Add and Subtract within 1,000
    • Topic 10 - Multiply by Multiples of 10
    • Topic 11 - Use Operations with Whole Numbers to Solve Problems
    • Topic 12 - Understand Fractions as Numbers
    • Topic 13 - Fraction Equivalence and Comparison
    • Topic 14 - Solve Time, Capacity, and Mass Problems
    • Topic 15 - Attributes of 2-dimensional Shapes
    • Topic 16 - Solve Perimeter Problems