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    Information- COVID-19/Reopening of School

    It is important to reassure the safety of our children by spending extra time with them, talking with them, and listening to how they are feeling surrounding the pandemic, as some of our children are staying at home with remote learning occurring full-time, and others are going back to school for the first time experiencing remote learning and in person instruction. Conversations with our children need to be ongoing on topics related to staying healthy, preventing sickness, staying safe, and how to establish new connections/friendships, while social distancing. This is a new way of learning and interacting, as we return to school, and our children will need a lot of support while they navigate this way of learning and finding creative ways to stay connected with their friends. We can get through this together with much patience, acceptance, and perseverance. Please validate and listen to their concerns, and also  bring them back to the things which they may find comforting to help them through this unique time. Remind them to use safe coping skills, such as mindful exercises, deep breathing, coloring, journaling, music, art, dance, etc.

    Establish new back to school routines/schedule (sleep, nutrition, physical activity, social connection while adhering to physical distancing, and learning).

    Limit your child’s access to the media. Be mindful of it being on continuously, and monitor your own reaction to the situation, as children naturally follow your lead.



     Below you will find some helpful coping strategies in this poem.

    This poem was written by a Utica College Student Intern, Emily Loeschner 4/4/2020.

    Our hope was to provide your child with some helpful tools to manage his/her feelings.

    Have them recite it...and try to memorize it! 




    Emotions come and go

    Ups and downs happen

    Were all just humans.


     You need to cope

    To have hope

    That you can deal

    With how you feel.



    Take your time

    These feelings don’t disappear

    By the flip of a dime.


     Take a walk

    To talk it out

    If you want to yell

    Go to a friend and tell!


     If you don’t want to show

    When you're feeling low

    Go have alone time

    That's not a crime.



    Take your time

    These feelings don’t disappear

    By the flip of a dime.


     If you would like

    Hop on a bike

    Take a ride around the block 

    Let the clock go tik tok


     If your day

    Didn’t go your way

    Go leap in your bed

    After being fed



    Take your time

    These feelings don’t disappear

    By the flip of a dime.


     If your scared in this time

     Remember this chime!


     Be smart

    And stay 6ft. Apart!

    Make sure you wash

    Because oh gosh!


    If you touch too much,

    You may fear a germ

    That can make

    You squirm!


    If you decide to not

    Stay inside

    Wear a mask to

    Do the task!


    Don’t be scared

    Just be prepared!



    Take your time

    These feelings don’t disappear

    By the flip of a dime. 

     (Emily Loeschner 4/4/2020)