• Mr. Lyne's Option ELA 9-11

    Contact information:

    Email: plyne@wboro.org

    Phone: (315) 266-3200

     Welcome to High School Option English. This course introduces and develops literary concepts and writing skills that are essential for effective communication and critical thinking both in High School and beyond.  We ask students to actively engage, critically think, and expand their thinking through both writing and speaking exercises.


    • Respect:
      • Yourself
      • Your peers
      • Your teachers
      • Your environment
    • Be a good human.
    • Be an active participant—listen to others, share ideas, and ask questions.
    • Arrive on time and be prepared for class.
    • Cell phones should not be used in the classroom.
    • Complete all assignments on time.
    • Use your resources! Seek out help!
    • Complete all work honestly to demonstrate integrity. You can only be proud of what is truly yours.
    • Develop your academic integrity by showing pride in your own work.


    Please bring the following materials to class:

    • Three-ring binder
    • Loose-leaf paper
    • Blue or black ink pens