Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

  • Deerfield Elementary Drop-Off & Pick-up Procedures



    Parents and Guardians, your help with drop-off and pick-up is important and greatly appreciated!  Please follow the 5 steps listed below to help facilitate a safe and timely drop-off/pick-up.

    1. Please arrive during the time frame listed below to avoid/reduce traffic backing up on Trenton Road.
    2. Please stay in your car (remind friends & family members who help with drop-off/pick-up).
    3. Please have your child ready to exit the passenger side of the vehicle at drop-off for safety reasons.
    4. Please have your vehicle ready for your child to enter the passenger side of the car at pick-up.
    5. When you enter the drop-off/pick-up area, please pull-up close to the vehicle in front of you. This helps us fit more cars on the circle at one time and helps reduce traffic waiting on Trenton Road.


    • Busses arrive and unload between 9:00-9:10AM **Please do not enter Schoolhouse Road during this time.
    • Parent drop-off time: 9:10-9:25AM.


    • Parent pick-up time 3:10-3:20PM.
    • Busses load at 3:20PM and leave the school by 3:30PM.


    Please adhere to the following procedures:

    • For the safety of everyone
    • To avoid potential traffic jams
    • To avoid traffic back-ups on Trenton Road


    Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

    See you soon!

    Kelli McGowan

    Deerfield Principal