Introduction to Raptor Visitor Management System

  • The Whitesboro Central School District is pleased to announce that we are using the Raptor Visitor Management System in all of our schools to strengthen our program of campus safety.

    Part of keeping our school community safe is knowing who is in our buildings at all times, and the Raptor system allows us to do that. The Raptor system will better enable us to screen visitors, contractors, and volunteers in our schools and provide us with a safer environment for all.

    Upon entering a district building, visitors will be asked to present an ID such as a driver’s license, which can either be scanned or manually entered into the system. If a parent or guardian, for any reason, does not have an ID such as a driver’s license, passport, or state-issued ID, our school staff members can use any form of identification and manually enter the person’s name into the Raptor system. The Raptor system checks the visitor's name and date of birth for comparison with a national database of registered sex offenders. The registered sex offender database is the only official database checked by the Raptor system. No other data from the ID is gathered or recorded and the information is not shared with any outside agency.

    Once a visitor’s entry is approved, Raptor will issue a badge that identifies the visitor, the date and the purpose of their visit. A visitor’s badge will not be necessary for those who visit our schools simply to drop off an item in the office or pick up paperwork.

    The safety of our students is our highest priority and the Raptor visitor management system allows us to quickly identify those that may present a danger to our students.  We thank you in advance for your understanding and your support in enhancing the school safety protocols in our district.

Frequently Asked Questions

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