• Welcome to the Art Room!

    Education has the ability to bring about pro-social changes in our society, such as tolerance, justice, and cooperation. Art Education is special, in that students from a rich array of backgrounds can come together to create visually and experience through the senses. Art can provide students a space to grow and learn, as well as creative experiences to realize themselves as unique and diverse individuals.

    During my time teaching, I have learned from my experiences, my students, as well as my colleagues. Educators are not only a part of the school they teach in,  but also members and role models of their communities. Connecting interdisciplinary ties to my curriculum has proven beneficial in engaging students diverse interests and learning styles. For example, many of my lessons have ties to science, math, art, and history. In addition, I encourage my students to let their own lives inspire their work, and use their own interests as inspiration. 

    Creating art has always been my passion and I strive to share this passion with my students. It has helped shape who I am and is essential to students' well-rounded education. Art can help students realize their identity, develop problem solving strategies, and instill a sense of accomplishment and individuality. It is my belief that art education fosters students' creativity and a greater understanding of their everyday world, and our global society.