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    Topics this year will include: ratios and proportions, the number system (positive and negative numbers, decimals, division, divide fractions), solving real-world problems, expressions and equations, geometry, as well as statistics.

    Please contact me any time via email or call school (mailbox 2315)

    Students will have three math classes within two days. We will use modules designed by the state, Smartboard activities, and additional resources. Quizzes and tests are announced. Quizzes are usually once per week, while tests happen once every ten weeks. Homework is assigned nightly and is due the next day. Additional help is available outside of class time. Please see me to schedule a time. In addition, after school review is offered once weekly. I will announce that schedule in class.

    Notes and homework assignments are available on the homework board for you to print if another copy is needed.

    I wish all of my incoming students a great start to sixth grade. We'll all have a great year!
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