• Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members,

    Welcome to the Office of the Superintendent and to our District website.  Contained herein, you will find resources related to the many facets of our organization.  Our goal is to ensure you have ready access to the information you need.  Of course, you are always welcome to contact your child's school should there be anything more you need or if you have suggestions with respect to additional information that can be posted.

    Our work is driven by our mission statement, "To inspire, cultivate, and empower all learners to maximize their potential," which provides the overall aim of the District, and our vision statement, "Together with our community, the Whitesboro Central School District provides a dynamic, comprehensive program committed to relevant, engaging, individualized experiences, while fostering a culture of personal and professional growth in a safe, diverse, positive learning environment," which outlines the process by which we strive to accomplish it.  Our Five-Year Plan further delineates the specific actions and steps our buildings and departments commit to taking using the vision and mission as guides.  More information on the Five-Year Plan can be found here.

    One of the various ways we communicate with families and community members is through our District Newsletter.  Please take some time to read our newsletters as they provide important information and details about our District's operations and highlight some of the many accomplishments of our students, faculty, staff and programs.  Current and past issues can be found here.

    Your support and dedication to our programs and students is one of the driving forces behind our success as a District.  This partnership is the foundation upon which we build and shape the future of our most valuable resource, the students we are so fortunate to have entrusted in our care for their K-12 educational experience.

    With appreciation,

    Brian K. Bellair, Ph.D.