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               My name is Lisa Della Posta. I attended Frankfort-Schuyler High School. From there I went on to SUNY Oswego where I received a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. I am certified to teach N-6, as well as Grades 7-9 Mathematics. In addition, I received a Master's Degree in Reading Education.

             Since I can remember, I have always wanted to work with children. In 1992 I taught 8th Grade Mathematics at Frankfort-Schuyler Central School. Following that position, I began substituting for the Remedial Reading Program at Deerfield Elementary School and at the Westmoreland Road Elementary School. In 1994 I began my position here at Deerfield Elementary School. When I started working for the Whitesboro School District I was assigned to work with 9th graders, as well as Grades 1-5. Currently I work with Grades K-5!

             Parents are always asking "What can I do to help  my child?"  I can not stress the importance of simply reading with your child.  Whether it's a picture or chapter book, children loved to be read to.  Discuss the pictures, make predictions, discuss characters, etc.  In addition, talk with them.  Ask them about their day, discuss a show they're watching, or talk about what they see at the zoo or grocery store.  Through reading and conversation, children build vocabulary that will help them be succesful at school.

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