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    Welcome to Mrs. Decker's Website! 
     ****Please view the tabs on the left to access Music materials to be used while school is closed. There are Google Classroom codes for 4th/5th Grade Band, Vocal Music classes K-5, and links to our Chorus music. There is also a page with instructions for Quaver account creation, along with ClassCodes for each grade level (this is also posted on Google Classroom). Quaver's Marvelous World of Music is our awesome elementary music curriculum, and we are very fortunate that it has an at-home component for students to use! 
    If you have any questions, please reach out to me at jdecker@wboro.org. Thank you!
    Music is an important part of every child's development at Deerfield Elementary. It builds self-esteem, develops creative thinking, and encourages students to work cooperatively. During our  music classes, we will explore a variety of music-making activities: singing songs, playing instruments, studying famous composers and their music, creatively moving, improvising, and even composing our own music!
    Music classes meet once per 6-day cycle for 40 minutes.
    Students are expected to:

    -Listen and follow directions

    -Be positive in their words, thoughts, and actions

    -Respect their classmates as well as music room materials

    -Always put forth their best effort and participate in all our activities
    Mrs. Decker can be reached at jdecker@wboro.org, or 266-3410, ext. 4112.