• Music  

    Welcome to Mrs. Decker's Website! 
    Music is an important part of every child's development at Deerfield Elementary. It builds self-esteem, develops creative thinking, and encourages students to work cooperatively. During our  music classes, we will explore a variety of music-making activities: singing songs, studying famous composers and their music, creatively moving, improvising, and even composing our own music!
    Music classes meet once per 6-day cycle for 40 minutes.
    Students are expected to:

    -Listen and follow directions

    -Be positive in their words, thoughts, and actions

    -Respect their classmates as well as music room materials

    -Always put forth their best effort and participate in all our activities
    Mrs. Decker can be reached at jdecker@wboro.org, or 266-3410, ext. 4117.