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  •  Welcome to Mrs. Dreimiller's  Web Page
    Courses taught: 
    English 9 and 9 H
    English 12
    English 9 is a special time for students.  They will begin a new academic life in a new buliding, with new peers, teachers and expectations.  It is an exciting time, filled with growth and adventure, but it can also be a very demanding and trying time. In addition to the increased academic rigor and independence expected, students must also navigate their own personal journeys as they mature and grow into young adults.  We as 9th grade teachers, are keenly aware of these  joys and challenges, and we strive daily to make this transitional year as pleasant and positive as possible.  Students will hone their knowledge and skills as they write research papers and delve into topics more fully than ever before.  Literature takes on a more personal approach as discussions become more in-depth and relevant to the ever-changing world around us. 
    It is our hope that this transitional year is one where students can hopefully position themselves for a successful high school experience.
    Senior English addresses the individual needs of students through the learning standards outlined by New York State. Students are expected to demonstrate with regularity increasing levels of responsibility, maturity and independence - the hallmarks of adult life.  Areas of focus will include reading and responding to texts, managing and honing research skills through the writing of the MLA paper, as well as writing narrative, descriptive, cause and effect and process pieces.
    It is my hope that through practice with these skills, and through our class discussions and dynamic, students will be ready to face the 21st century with a confidence and awareness of their true potential, in whatever endeavor they choose to pursue.