Family & Consumer Science

    Ms. Gallagher

     Grades 9-12

    Course Offerings
    One semester courses

     Food & Nutrition
    This course is the prerequisite for all Foods classes.
    Basic culinary skills are covered as well as a thorough discussion of nutrition. This course is open to all grade levels.

    Regional & International Foods
    This is an advanced foods course. Each week students prepare a meal representing the cuisine of the regions of the United States or various countries of the world. This class offers the perfect combination of cultural enrichment and advanced culinary skills! The culmination of this course occurs in May with The Black Tie Restaurant conducted by Regional Foods and Food Entrepreneurship. 

    Food Entrepreneurship/Gourmet Foods
    This advanced foods course offers students the opportunity to explore their talents as food entrepreneurs as they plan, organize and conduct The Black Tie Restaurant in May.  Advanced culinary skills are also studied such as meat and poultry cookery, sauces, soups, cake production and design. 
    Housing and Environment
    Students that are interested in pursuing a career in design, architecture or construction will find this elective will provide them with great information and hands on experiences. Course content includes housing trends, elements and principles of design, as well as furniture and housing styles and history.
    The housing industry is an important component of the  New York state economy, as well as an area that provides many opportunities for entrepreneurship. This course will help students explore career opportunities in this field and help them develop skills needed for employment.