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    UPDATE: Effective March 30th all instructional material will be shifting to Google Classroom. Please go and join Google Classroom using the class codes below. All lessons and assignments will be posted there. 

    Here's my plan........ On Friday March 13th I gave you a packet of 10 days of work. I know that some of the material in this packet you have not learned yet (Ch. 9,10 and 11). I am going to be posting the answer keys to the assignments for you to check your work. All I ask is that you do your best and do what you can. Refer to the answer keys once you have tried all that you can do and maybe the solutions will allow you to figure out some of the material we have not done yet. This is a very unique situation and I appreciate you working to keep up on the material that I sent home with you. In the event we are going to go past the 10 day window please either access the material I post here or google classroom. I will post the codes below for each period. It is really important that you stay flexible and do not stress out. This is a situation that none of us have been through and we will get through this together. Keep working! Stay healthy!
    Any questions please feel free to email me JCORR@WBORO.ORG

    Period 4 google classroom code mbha7ph

    Period 7 google classroom code tfgw2vh

    Period 9 google classroom code evmsd3v