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    Here you will find class assignments for each week we are closed.
    HOME Physical Education Solutions:
    1. Retro Fitness is offering 2 Facebook life classes per week, for kids, FREE of charge. Just like them on Facebook.
    2. OPEN - Online Physical Education Network has Tools for an ACTIVE home for FREE 
    3. March DEAM(Drop Everything & Move) Calendar 
    4. April DEAM(Drop Everything & Move) Calendar 
    5. PE with Joe - 30 minute workout videos posted daily FREE for kids. Subscribe to The Body Coach on Youtube.
    As more information is found to stay active and healthy it will be posted!
    -Coach Lenard :-)
    Welcome to Coach Lenard's  
    Physical Education Page
    Westmoreland Road Elementary
     I am excited to be here for the 2019-2020 school year at Whitesboro Central School District for my 11th year at
    Westmoreland Road Elementary.
    Students, welcome to Physical Education!  EveryBODY needs P.E.  Remember to wear sneakers or pack them on days when you wear boots, dress shoes, or sandals.  There's lots of fun things to do when you come wearing your P.E. shoes!
    Parents, you are an important aspect of your child's well being experience.  I would like to invite you to work together in providing your child with the best education.  In PE, we will be participating in developmentally appropriate activities that will help increase your child's physical competence, self-esteem and joy of being physically active no matter what his or her physical abilities may be.  I look forward to working with you and having a great year with your child!  Look for our monthly newsletter sent home with your students at the beginning of each month for PE News & Information. Look on the back of this monthly newsletter for FUN FITNESS CHALLENGE calendars, complete them as a family, return signed copy to us and receive a certificate! How FIT can everyone in the family become?! :-)