• Marcy Kindergarten
    We welcome our youngest students at Marcy Elementary with a caring, supportive and fun learning atmosphere. We strive to make their first learning experience a memorable one. Our curriculum is very student centered and provides many opportunities to learn using a hands-on-approach. We recognize the value of parent communication and are always willing to answer any questions or address any concerns that you might have. We also send parent newsletters to keep you updated on what your child is learning.

    Important information for parents of kindergarten students:
    · Check your child’s folder everyday for important notes and to discuss your child’s learning for the day.
    · Always send in a written excuse when your child returns to school after an absence. T hese must be kept on file at school. Thank you.
    · Please label all of your child’s belongings: coat, book bag, lunchbox, crayon box, etc. This will greatly help to avoid mix-ups!
    Welcome to Marcy Kindergarten!!