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    Fifth Grade is an exciting year for our students. It is their final year of elementary school. As the oldest students in the building there is an expectation that each student conduct themselves as good role models for our younger boys and girls. In addition, students earn the opportunity to help out around our school community. Students are able to help with recycling, assist PTO with Boxtop collection and counting, do morning announcements, become a kindergarten tour guide, and possibly help out as a kindergarten bus buddy or even a Camp Skeeter Jr. Counselor. All of these opportunities are based on student behavior and work ethic. We work hard to prepare each student for the rigors of middle school as they prepare to leave Marcy. Our curriculum is full as we emphasize reading skills, writing skills, math problem solving and study skills in preparation for the NYS Testing in ELA and Math near the end of the school year.

    We will began planning for our end of the year Class trip early in September. We will keep parents and students informed via memos and flyers. Collection of weekly dollar dues will begin early in September. Additionally there will be a minimum of 2 fundraising activities to raise money for the trip. These are in addition to the PTO annual fundraisers. Students also have the opportunity to compete against the other elementary buildings in a fifth grade track meet in June. PTO sponsors many activities for our fifth graders. These include a special advancement ceremony and a minigolf outing to celebrate their last year at Marcy. Fifth grade is a lot of work, but a lot of fun.... so

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    The Homework Page will list assignments in math, reading, science and social studies that apply to all fifth grade students at Marcy.
    The Helpful Resources Page contains links to useful sites for the students as well as their textbooks on line.
    The Contact Teacher Page contains an email link to the classroom teachers. Please feel free to contact us for any matters concerning your child.
    The File Library Page contains the rules and procedures for the students.  We expect all students to be responsible, respectful and safe at Marcy.  
    The Curriculum Page explains the Content area curriculum for Grade 5 Students in Whitesboro and links to the state websites.