The Physical Education Curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the K-5 students with a varied, age-appropriate, and challenging curriculum. The units are sequenced and kept short to maximize interest and participation. Each student is evaluated on an individual and daily basis within the framework of the school's established rubric system. Fundamental skill development is emphasized at all grade levels and in all units. From the fundamental movement and physical skills of primary students to the more involved skills, games, and sports concepts of the intermediate grades, knowledge of the benefits and the enjoyment of physical activity is taught and reinforced in each class. The social, emotional, and character traits necessary to be successful and a good community citizen are taught and repeated from the first class, and safety factors relative to physical activity are constantly stressed. Simply put, the program is designed and exists for the benefit of each student at Marcy Elementary.

    The Physical Education teachers at Marcy are Mr. Karas and Mr. Faro. The mission of the physical education program at Whitesboro is to enable all students to sustain regular life-long physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive and fulfilling life.

    Here at Marcy Elementary, our physical education is divided into two developmental levels. a kindergarten through second grade, and a third through fifth grade.

    K-2 Developmental Level
    A foundation is built. This level focuses on gross motor development, basic eye-to-hand and eye-to-foot coordination, spatial and body awareness, rhythm, and balance. Students develop the foundations of basic fitness concepts, a beginning base of cognitive knowledge of sports and activities and social skills. These objectives are accomplished through games and activities of organization.
    Grades 3-5 Developmental Level
    Students learn to apply and expand basic movements, knowledge, and skills. Lead-up games and modified sports skills are introduced in order to continue gross motor development, fine motor coordination, physical fitness, social skills, and rhythm.

    Mr. Karas 
    Mr. Dunlay