• Welcome to Katie Wheelock's Web Page!
    Hi! I am the school psychologist at Marcy Elementary School. It is my pleasure to provide a variety of services to students and families at Whitesboro.

    As the school psychologist, services I provide include: psychoeducational evaluations, behavior screenings, and functional behavioral assessments. Consultative services are also provided to parents and teachers in developing interventions for students. In addition, I work closely with colleagues through the building level Child Study Team as well as through the Committee on Special Education.

    Marcy provides a variety of special education services to students including: resource room academic support, 12:1:1 primary and intermediate academic classrooms, and an 8:1:1 developmental classroom. One of my roles is to work closely with the staff in each of these programs to meet the needs of children in the least restrictive environment. Please contact me if you have questions about any of these services.

    If you would like to reach me, my phone number is 266-3420, ext. 2215.