• Welcome to AIS Reading at Westmoreland Road Elementary School!

        Your child may be receiving Academic Intervention Services (A.I.S.) in Language Arts during the school day. For Grades 1-5, a letter will be sent home notifying you if services are necessary. Kindergarten students will be rotated on an as needed basis. Usually students are pulled out of their classroom in small groups to work with a reading teacher. Occasionally, the reading teacher may push-in to the classroom to provide additional support. Frequent communication between the reading and classroom teachers is an integral part of our program.
         Mrs. Sandra McIntosh , Mrs. Michele Skermont, Mrs. Diane Cardamone and Ms. Susan Gustafson will work with students in grades Kindergarten through Fifth on Language Arts skills to strengthen their reading and writing. 
        We hope our website will provide helpful strategies for parents to utilize at home with their children. Reading with and to your child on a daily basis is crucial in developing a love of reading. Research shows the many benefits connected to this. Check out the links on the sidebar for additional information. Please note that there are links to contact us with questions regarding our program.