• Regular Attendance - Key to Success in School   

    In order to be successful in meeting the higher expectations set down by the State Education Department and our local school district for graduation, it is imperative that students come to school on a regular basis and maximize their time in school for learning. There is a positive correlation between regular attendance at school and academic success. The business world demands that employees be at work daily and on time. Excessive absenteeism and/or tardiness to work often results in the loss of jobs. Our school has an obligation to expect regular attendance and punctuality to school and class. Students have a responsibility to come to school on a daily basis and to be on time to school and to all of their classes. Parents have a responsibility to see that their children meet these obligations.

    Thus, we ask for your cooperation. Your child should come to school every day. Whenever possible, medical and dental appointments should be scheduled outside of the school day. Students having appointments on a regular basis during the school day should have these scheduled so as to avoid missing the same class each time.


    When a student has been absent or tardy to school, the parent or guardian must provide the school with a note explaining the reason. Students should present this note to their first period teacher the day they return from an absence. Written excuses should indicate the date, the reason for the absence or tardiness, and be signed by the parent or guardian. In cases of repeated or long-term absence, a note from a medical doctor may be required. 

    Early Release from School

    To be released from school for any reason, a student must bring a parent's or guardian's note on the day he/she needs to be excused. This excuse should be given to the attendance office monitor before first period. Students may not leave the school without prior permission from the attendance monitor and must sign out at the attendance office. Students will only be released to their parent, guardian, or some other adult designated by the parent or guardian. If students drive, they will be released only with the parent's or guardian's permission. In order to be released due to sickness during the school day, students must report to the school nurse to be evaluated. If, in the nurse's judgment, the student needs to be sent home, the parent will be contacted for permission prior to allowing the student to leave. The student still must sign out from the attendance office.
    Thank you for your cooperation in assisting us to provide the best education possible for your child, starting with daily attendance.