Hi guys!

    I Hope you and your families are all well!  I am putting the remainder of Unit 9 notes on my webpage and on google classroom.  I am starting with day 7 even though 3rd and 6th period completed them.  I want you to review them before you go on with the unit.  I will be posting all the hard copies as well so that you can go through them.  I guess for now you can email me any questions and I am happy to answer anything.  Please don't sit there frustrated if you don't understand, send me an email and hopefully I can clear something up for you.


    The answers to the practice regents exams can be found on the website below, with detailed answers for parts 2, 3, and 4.  Feel free to email me any questions about answers that you don't understand, or multiple choice questions that confused you.

    The website is https://nysedregents.org/algebraone/ 


    Stay safe and healthy!

    Mrs. G.