• Welcome To Mr. Goodenow's Homepage

    Completion of daily assignments is very important. Test and quiz questions are based on examples given on homework. Ten percent (10%) of your grade for each quarter is based on homework. Other components of your grade are: Binder 10%, Quiz Grades 20%, Problem Sets 10% and Tests 50%.  Homework will be assigned most nights.  Problem Sets are assigned weekly. 

    Extra help is always available after school and at special times during the day. Please ask for help when needed. Many times, a small amount of help will cause a large improvement in your grade.

    If you need a copy of a worksheet, weekly problem set or a practice state question, please click on Math Resources on the blue menu on the left side of this page. You will find a list of these sheets. Click on the sheet and print it. This is especially helpful if you are absent from school or have lost your original copy.

    Please email me or call if you have questions. Working together, we will have a great year!