• Physical Education & Health Department
    Whitesboro Central School District


  • All students registered in schools in New York state are required by the Education Law to attend courses of instruction in physical education. A student who is physically handicapped will participate in as much of the program as he/she is able. Physical Education classes meet two or three times a week.

    Medical excuses for physical education for more than two days require a doctor’s written statement that must contain the following:
    1. A recommendation that the student be excused from physical education classes, or that participation be limited.
    2. A statement of the period of time for which the student needs to be excused, or placed on limited activity status.
    Students in grades six through eight are required to wear physical education class uniforms in class. The uniforms include a Whitesboro Central School District T-shirt and shorts. Uniforms may be purchased through the students’ physical education teachers. Sneakers are also required and are the responsibility of the individual student to provide.