• Welcome to Miss Williams's Webpages 

    All questions regarding classes should be submitted via email, not posts in the classroom. I will be checking my email if you have any questions. sewilliams@wboro.org

     All art work this year will be documented then submitted in googleclassroom.

    Supplies students need to bring every day to class...

      • six (#2) graphite pencils not mechanical  

      • a sketchbook at least 8 1/2"x11"

      • a ruler

      • a personal set of colored pencils

      • a personal pencil case

      • an enclosed pencil sharpener

      • a large eraser 

      • a double pocket folder

      • technology device charged for classes (chromebook/computer) with charger

      • planner

    For class, remember to be... Prepared, Prompt, Polite and Productive. 

     All classwork homework is posted in google classroom.  

    Email: sewilliams@wboro.org

    phone ext. #2174