• Welcome to Miss Williams's Webpages 

    I hope you and your famillies are all well.....

    At beginning of semester....Make sure to accept your invite prior to the start of class into the google classroom.

    All questions regarding classes should be submitted via email not posts in classroom. I will be checking my email, if you have any questions. sewilliams@wboro.org

     All art work this year will be documented then submitted in googleclassroom.

    Supplies students need to bring every day to class...

      • six (#2) graphite pencils not mechanical  

      • a sketchbook at least 8 1/2"x11"

      • a ruler

      • a personal set of colored pencils

      • a personal pencil case

      • an enclosed pencil sharpener

      • a large eraser 

      • a double pocket folder

      • technology device charged for classes (chromebook/computer) with charger

      • planner

    For class remember to be... Prepared, Prompt, Polite and Productive. 

     All classwork including homerowk is posted in googleclassroom.  

    Email: sewilliams@wboro.org

    phone ext. #2137