• Per New York State, all new entrants and students in Grades K, 2, 4, 7 and 10, are required to have a current physical on file in the Nurse's office. Parents - please send in your child's physical or the date that your child will be having it completed. The school nurse practitioner is available throughout the school year if your child's primary care physician is unable to do one.

    Please inform the Nurse's office about any changes in your child's health, including the start of or changes in medications. 

  • Middle School Campus Nurse's Office

    6th Grade Nurse: Cheri VanEtten

    315.266.3164 (phone)

    315.266.3128 (fax)



    7th/8th Grade Nurse: Sharon Scharbach

    315.266.3114 (phone)

    315.266.3145 (fax)