Yearbook Cover Front
Front Cover 2018



    The Whitesboro Middle School yearbook is a 96 page soft cover publication. Students write articles, take photos and create the layout. While putting the yearbook together, students learn the basics of photography, writing, editing and computer graphics. Students also improve and develop team-building and research skills.

    Jostens - - the company the yearbook is purchased through - - sends mailers to students’ homes. The Yearbook Club also sends flyers home from September though January reminding and encouraging students to purchase a yearbook.

    Yearbooks will be distributed at the beginning of June.  A small quantity of extra copies are available for purchase on a first come, first serve basis (they will not be reserved).  Students will recieve a receipt with the book they pay for in cash.

    Sue Ellen Williams

    Meeting Time and Location:
    September/October/ November/December: Monday after school 
    January – February: Tuesdays
    As the publication deadline nears, students also meet/work during lunch and in study halls.
    Meeting times and dates are announced in the daily announcements.

    How to Join:
    If interested in joining, contact Miss Williams. Students are expected to work on the yearbook at meetings, during lunch and/or during study halls. Only 7th and 8th graders can attend.