K-12 Counseling Department and Pupil Personnel Services (PPS)

  • The top priority of Whitesboro’s counseling program is the academic success for every student.  All students K-12 have access to a school counselor.  Counselors interact with students as often as possible throughout the school year individually, in groups, and in classrooms. 
    School Counselors:
    • Monitor student achievement and develop strategies for improvement for struggling students
    • Guide students to challenge themselves with rigorous academic programs
    • Coordinate programs and activities that promote personal/social development
    • Facilitate the referral process to help students and families connect with outside agencies
    • Orient new students to school
    • Help students transition between levels successfully ( i.e., elementary to middle to high)
    • Help students learn about various careers and post-secondary education options
    • Facilitate conferences with parents
    • Coordinate efforts with other school staff 
    • Present classroom guidance activities including: decision making, career information, course selection and graduation requirements 
    • Participate in the Child Study Team and Committee on Special Education
    • Analyze test results and provide information about students' achievement scores 
    • Beginning in sixth grade, meet with each student at least once annually to develop or review career goals and provide guidance in developing a plan to achieve those goals


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    Part 100 of the Commissioner’s Regulations articulate the following requirements:
    1. Each school district shall have a guidance program for all students K-12
    2. Each school district shall ensure that all students K-12 have access to a certified school counselor
    3. In grades K-5, the program shall be designed in coordination with the teaching staff to prepare students to effectively participate in their current and future educational programs; to help students who exhibit any attendance, academic, behavioral or adjustment problems; to educate students concerning avoidance of child sexual abuse and to encourage parental involvement.
    4. In grades 6-12, the school counseling program shall include the following activities and services:
    • An annual review of each student’s educational progress and career plans, with such reviews conducted with each student individually or with small groups by personnel certified or licensed as school counselors.
    • Instruction at each grade level to help students learn about various careers and about career planning skills conducted by personnel certified or licensed as school counselors, or by classroom teachers in cooperation with the school counselor.
    • Other advisory and individual or group counseling assistance to enable students to benefit from the curriculum to help students develop and implement postsecondary educational and career plans; to help students who exhibit any attendance, academic, behavioral or adjustment problems; to encourage parental involvement, provided that advisory assistance shall be provided by teachers or counselors or by certified teaching assistants under the supervision of counselors or teachers; such individual or group counseling shall be provided by certified or licensed school psychologists or certified or licensed school social workers in cooperation with certified and licensed school counselors.
    • Each school district shall develop a district plan which sets forth the manner in which the district shall comply with the requirements of this subdivision. Such plan should be filed in the district offices and shall be available for review by any individual. The plan shall present program objectives, which describe expectations of what students will learn from the program; activities to accomplish the objectives; specifications of the staff members and other resources assigned to accomplish the objectives; provisions for the annual assessment of the program results. 
    • The plan shall be reviewed annually by the school counselors, and revisions shall be made as necessary.



District Guidance Plan

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