Elementary General Information

  • Disciplinary Procedures: Consistency is the essential requirement of any disciplinary policy. To maintain this consistency, we have developed procedures for discipline that are included in our Student-Parent Handbook.
    Physical Education: Sneakers are required for all physical education classes. Children in Fourth and Fifth Grade must wear physical education uniforms for physical education class.
    Recess: Students should not wear sandals or loose-fitting shoes on the playground. Students excused by a doctor from physical education for physical needs or lack of equipment are not allowed to participate in recess.
    Psychological and Social Work Services: A psychologist and social worker are available to meet with children and parents upon referral by the teacher, parent, or principal. These mental health services are focused upon preserving the child’s well-being and helping him or her adjust to the school surroundings. The psychologist and social worker work closely with parents and teachers. Referrals to these specialists should be viewed as a positive step in helping children.