national honor society

National Honor Society

  • Selection to the National Honor Society is made by the Whitesboro National Honor Society Faculty Council. The Council is comprised of six teachers and one guidance counselor. The following are the requirements for a student to attain membership to the National Honor Society:

    • Must maintain an overall average, for each quarter, of 90 or higher.
    • Must also participate in two activities per high school year, one of which must be high school related. Under this category, students must have turned in their candidate sheet to Mr. Putnam by the deadline stated on the form. This form tells the Faculty Council of student service to the school and community.
    • Must demonstrate the National Honor Society ideals of service, character and leadership. If a student fails to meet these requirements prior to the review by the Faculty Council, they will not be admitted to the Whitesboro National Honor Society.
    • To retain membership, students must continue to demonstrate character, service and leadership. Participation in two activities fulfills the requirement in the service category.
    • Honor Society members sponsor the Helen Potter Memorial Scholarship and tutor students throughout the school year. Members also finish the year with an annual field trip taken in June.

    Mr. Putnam