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     Second Grade at Westmoreland Road Elementary
    UPDATE: Check out your teacher's Google Classroom for additional resources while we are out of school for the extended school closure.

    The second grade students are busy throughout the year improving their skills in phonics and decoding skills, vocabulary development, comprehension strategies, reading fluency, and independent reading, to prepare them to be successful learners in all subject areas.
    In math, the emphasis is on number sense, place value to 1000, addition/subtracting with and without regrouping, geometry, time, money, measurement, graphs, charts, and reading data, and problem solving skills.

    In language arts, emphasis is on improving reading, writing, and listening skills through the use of our new series, Reading Street, and other supplemental creative resources.

    In science, curriculum centers on the study of plants, animals, matter, energy, nutrition, and the solar system.
    The social studies curriculum is the study of citizenship, maps, geography, communities, and neighborhoods.

    Second Grade is a very busy year working strongly to build a foundation in the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic.