Dear Students, Staff, and Parents:

    I am proud to serve as the Parkway Middle School Assistant Principal.   At the campus, we work to ensure that our students are properly prepared to be 21st Century thinkers and learners. We place strong emphasis on using critical thinking, teamwork, and communication to develop problem solving skills. Collaborating with team and department members, our teachers challenge all students to explore real-life problems and become actively engaged in their own learning.

    With these high standards come high expectations for student respect, responsibility, citizenship and integrity as they help create a positive learning atmosphere where all students feel comfortable and eager to participate.   It is our goal that each child will reach their maximum potential, both academically and behaviorally, while continuing to build on their social skills.

    As a proud member of the school community, I am here to support teachers and families in preparing our students for their future.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

    Tammy Smith

    Assistant Principal

    Parkway Middle School

    Bus Discipline Manager 6-8


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