• Parents, Guardians and Members of the Whitesboro Community:

    We welcome the start of the school year with renewed enthusiasm, as we look forward to implementing the educational plan we developed over the past year. New programs, revised curricula and updated materials complement our commitment to apply our best know-how to the educational experience of each student in the Whitesboro Central School District. For this, we thank the voters for their support.  

    To still further improve the quality of instruction and learning to which we have become accustomed, we have recruited the teachers and support staff we needed; analyzed past year performance of students, staff and the system as a whole; prepared our facilities; and are reviewing future courses of action, including a strategic planning process. We anticipate presentations made by our school staff to describe our progress and invite you to attend our Board of Education meetings. The meeting schedule, including location and time, is noted in the District calendar.

    Board Goals:

    1.  Based on district data, The Board will responsibly allocate resources to ensure equitable policies to promote responsive educational practices that will:

    • Address academic learning loss caused by the pandemic
    • Advance individual student growth
    • Develop social-emotional skills
    • Promote leadership potential

    2. The Board will responsibly allocate resources and ensure equitable policies to foster comprehensive student and staff wellness in a welcoming school environment.

    In closing, this website is designed to inform you, act as a ready reference and serve as a planning device. Additional information about programs for students, school standards, district/school regulations and procedures and events may be found in publications, such as student/parent handbooks, our District calendar, newsletters and guides. We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding the publications to make them more informative and useful.

    Whitesboro Board of Education