Procedures for Determining Academic Eligibility - High School

  • I. These guidelines apply to all High School athletic activities in which students participate, and extend to any student(s) enrolled in the Middle School who participate in a High School athletic activity:

    II. It is the responsibility of teachers to provide an evaluation of students commencing with the third full week of the first semester for courses commencing that semester, and the third full week of the second semester for courses commencing that semester. Subsequently, every two weeks, a formal report will be completed by all teachers for any/all athletes who are failing during the bi-weekly report period. Reports are due to the athletic director by the close of school, Wednesday (second week of report period). The athletic director or designee will tabulate the information and be responsible for notifying the respective coach(es).

    A. An athlete failing two or more courses will become ineligible for one week (Monday through Sunday) following the submission of the bi-weekly report. While ineligible, the student must practice and attend games, but may not participate in games.

    1. During the period of ineligibility, the student must meet with his/her teacher(s) to discuss those areas in which he/she needs to improve. Each teacher shall inform the respective student(s) of the area(s) in need of improvement and direct him/her in a manner to address the deficiencies in those area(s) identified.

    2. Prior to reporting to practice during the period of ineligibility, students must attend extra help sessions to be scheduled by the teacher(s).

    3. On the Friday of the week of ineligibility, the respective student must obtain a report from his/her teacher in those course(s) reported as failed. If he/she is no longer failing two or more courses, he/she shall be reinstated in the respective athletic program. If still failing at least two courses, the ineligibility shall continue for another week.

    B. The parent/guardian shall be notified in writing (form letter) by the athletic director or designee that the student is ineligible, and the period of such ineligibility. The parent/guardian shall also be notified in writing (form letter) when the student becomes eligible.

    III. Students who have been classified by the Committee on Special Education and who are failing two or more courses shall be subject to review by the teacher(s) of the failed courses and the special education teacher(s) for the respective student(s).

    IV. APPEAL PROCESS: There shall be an appeal process which, if exercised, shall commence with the student discussing/clarifying the failures with his/her teacher(s). If, after such discussion, the failure(s) continues to be in dispute, a student and his/her parent/guardian, may request a meeting with the athletic director/principal or designee and if necessary, the respective teacher. If the dispute continues at the conclusion of this stage, the parent/guardian may appeal the decision to the Superintendent or his/her designee.

    V. It shall be the responsibility of the athletic director and the respective coach(es) to provide a copy of these guidelines along with the “Contestant Policies for Interscholastic Athletics,” to all students desiring to participate in athletic activities. It shall be the responsibility of the respective parent/guardian and the student to review these regulations, and sign a statement indicating that they have been received and reviewed and that the student’s participation in the athletic activity will be subject to these regulations as stated.

    Whitesboro Central School District
    Revised: February 16, 2011