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    Inspire, Cultivate, Empower

    Congratulations to our outstanding elementary students under the guidance of Mrs. Papandrea and Mrs. Jones. Congratulations for their success in the Utica Comets Coloring Contest. More information can be found on the following link....

    Grand Prize Grades 3-5: Deborah Root 5th grade (Westmoreland Road Elementary)

    1st Grade: 2nd Place: Liam Kelsey (Westmoreland Road Elementary)

    2nd Grade: 1st Place: Davin O’Connor (Westmoreland Road Elementary), 2nd Place: Jinni Chambrone (Hart’s Hill Elementary), 3rd Place: Harper Williams (Westmoreland Elementary School)

    3rd Grade: 2nd Place: Emma Maher (Westmoreland Upper Elementary)

    4th Grade: 1st Place: Isabella Stewart (Hart’s Hill Elementary)


    High School:


    Senior artist, Jenna Sents, has recently been selected for Drexel Universities 2022 Photography High
    School Competition. Her artwork titled “Autumn Renaissance” is a whimsical portrait of her friend
    embedded in an array of leaves. She took inspiration from the mythology unit in her AP literature class.
    Incorporating natural phenomena within the themes of mythology and lore has led to the creation of a
    beautiful body of work. Jenna has utilized various types of cameras, flatbed scanners, and photoshop
    editing software to create her artworks. Her artwork will be on display in Philadelphia and up for judging
    starting February 4th.
    Her portfolio writing:
    When putting together this portfolio, I took inspiration from my mythology unit in my AP literature class.
    Going outside on the dewy mornings and afternoons this autumn, I turned my subjects into gods and
    brought my mind into a world of golden ambrosia. From Aphrodite to Apollo to Demeter, I found my
    subjects falling into the roles of immortal beings, more beautiful and more powerful than those of this
    earth. I challenged myself to experiment with lighting while using the natural phenomena of nature to my
    advantage. For example, in the photos titled "Dew" and "Dew Too", I traveled into the canopy of the forest
    on a hike and played into the low light setting. From using a professional camera for the first time to using
    a phone camera, I experimented with settings and presets to teach myself through trial and error. Adobe
    Photoshop was no exception to this. I found that keeping the concept of mythology in mind, allowed the
    picture to create itself. I found my subjects were glowing with otherworldly qualities by the time my work
    was completed. Through these successes, however, I did face challenges with the very things that made
    my pieces. For example, nature didn't always work to my advantage. I found myself rescheduling and
    re-doing photoshoots when the weather was insufficient for the photo I wanted. I learned how to plan
    around the elements like clouds, rain, and wind.



    Department members:

    High School:  Ms. Davis and Mr. Williams.

    Middle School Campus :  Mrs. Wander and Miss Williams.

    Elementary Art Department:   Mrs. Jones (Marcy, Westmoreland Road), Mrs. Papandrea (Harts Hill, Deerfield)



    Miss Sue Williams

    Art Department Chairperson 

    266-3100 ext #5137