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Middle School Encouraging Writing Outside of the Classroom

The more writing - - the better.

That’s the message the Whitesboro Middle School Campus’ administration is sending to its students.  winners

In an attempt to get its sixth, seventh and eighth graders to write more outside of the classroom - - and to get them more excited about writing creatively - - the Middle School Campus, with help from the Middle School Campus PTO, has launched a quarterly writing contest, with a different theme planned for each quarter, or marking period.

The first contest took place in October. Interested students were asked to finish the story laid out in the Utica OD’s Halloween Writing Contest. A committee of English teachers then selected a winner from each grade level - - sixth, seventh and eighth. The winners were:

Sixth Grade – Michael K. 
Seventh Grade – Maya M. 
Eighth Grade – Cynthia V. 

All three winners were presented with a $25 gift card to Barnes & Nobles by Middle School Campus Principal Mr. Egresits, courtesy of the Middle School Campus PTO. Each winner also received a “Whitesboro Warriors” t-shirt, pen and smartphone gadget grip. All participants received at least one of the three items.

Mr. Egresits says the same prizes will be awarded to the second, third and fourth marking period winners and that future themes include, “Favorite Hobby” and “What it Means to be a Warrior.”

Congratulations to the first marking period winners!