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Sixth Grade Health Projects Breed Creativity, Raise Awareness

In May, Ms. Goodman’s sixth grade health students at Parkway School spent one week of class time working on their final project.

For the project, students were asked to explore health topics they found and felt most interesting and passionate about. The students were allowed to use any format they wanted, as long as it met certain criteria. In the end, students made visual displays, posters, flyers, PSA videos, slideshows, songs with music videos and skits.  Group with project

“It is called their ‘advocacy project’ because it also teaches them how to stand up, advocate and spread information and awareness about a cause they believe in,” said Ms. Goodman of her students. “The project is a highlight of the health curriculum because it offers students a great opportunity to take the lead and express their creativity to others.”

Some of the projects are pictured below. They were completed by the following students:

Drunkopoly (Drunk Driving) - Katherine Mullen, Maddison Manley and Giavanna Pilla
Inhalant Drugs Educational Comic - Karina Andronovich
Lollipop (Sugar Facts) - Liyah Schneider and Angela Sheldon
Giant Beer (Drunk Driving) - Nevaeh Pagan-Caquias and Giavanna Alberico
Chewing Tobacco Mouth - Tessa Nash
Smoking Timeline - Avery Davis
MyPlate for Healthy Eating - Nikita Shuman
Social Media & Cyberbullying iPhone - Mia Bullis, Sara O'Connor and Aubrey Moraweic
Drunk Driving Car Crash - Thad Potaczala and Carter Smith
Beer Bottle Facts - Matthew Brinck
Opiate Drug Addiction - Jake Engelhart and Aubrey Hughes
Heroin Poppy Plant Facts - Peyton Lahey and Angelina Mateo-Rauscher
McDonald's Fast Food Facts - Mackenzie Seeley, Gabriella Puleo and Jenna Malagese
Fast Food Burger Facts - Lexi Almy and Sienna Martin
Smoker Lungs - Maryna Zhuk, Isabella Zhushma and Ava Shepardson

Once finished, each student or group of students presented their project to their classmates.

Great job to all of the students!

To view a photo gallery, click here.