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Middle School Campus Utilizes Smoothie Bike to Teach Students, Promote Wellness

student on bike Sixth, seventh and eighth graders at the Middle School Campus are keeping active while they learn with the help of “Rock the Bike,” a stationary bike with a blender that makes smoothies as you pedal. According to Rock the Bike, pedaling a full pitcher burns 10 calories and saves 23 watt-hours from the power plant.

After seeing the smoothie bike, which is owned by the District, at the recent Health and Wellness Expo during Superintendent’s Conference Day, teachers at the Middle School Campus requested the use of the bike to help their students learn. The bike was brought into the Middle School on March 26 and March 28, and the science classes took turns using the bike and incorporating it into their lessons.

Sixth grade science classes used to bike to “travel” through the solar system, and before using the bike, the classes used math to figure out how many bike rotations it would take to get to each planet, based on how far apart they’re located in the solar system. For example, it took only 13 rotations to get from Earth to Mars, but it took 198 to get from Saturn to Uranus.

student drinks smoothie Each student was able to choose what ingredients they wanted in their smoothie, and they took turns on the bike to get from one planet to the next. The bike and the different number of rotations needed to get to each planet helped the students grasp the vastness of space, and just how far each planet is located from one another, despite the fact that they appear close on a map.

The seventh grade science classes, which are currently learning about genetics, incorporated the bike into their lesson by learning about the genetics of the fruit used in the smoothies. The eighth grade classes, which are learning about speed in their next unit, used the bike as a lesson on speed.

Utilizing the smoothie bike in the classroom was a fun way for students to learn, stay active and eat healthy all at the same time.

Click here to view more photos of the 6th graders using the smoothie bike.