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SAGE Program Connects Monthly Visitor to Whitesboro’s Four Elementary Schools

What’s better than on a day with a two-hour delay to have a meteorologist pay a visit to talk about the weather?

On December 12, students in the SAGE program at all four of the Whitesboro Central School District’s elementary schools were treated to a visit with NEWSChannel 2-WKTV’s Chief Meteorologist Bill Kardas. The program utilizes the district’s Polycom system to allow students at all four schools to interact and communicate with a monthly visitor, this time from the Deerfield Elementary library.  Bill Kardas with students   

Focusing on the aspects of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) that make up the components of his job, Mr. Kardas shared how weather is predicted using a variety of models and tools. He also discussed the importance the study of science, technology and math serve in making reliable weather forecasts and even told students about some of the difficulties of accurately predicting the weather.

In addition to sharing details about the scientific side of his job, students learned how much work goes into a weather report during each newscast. Given that meteorologists are only given about three minutes to present their weather report, it can take many hours to tweak the forecast, making it a challenge to relay the information necessary to keep viewers at home safe from inclement weather.

Students also heard about the schooling necessary to become a meteorologist, as well as other opportunities in the field aside from broadcasting.

At the end of Mr. Kardas’ presentation, many of the third, fourth and fifth grade students had an opportunity to ask a variety of carefully considered questions.

The visit was an exciting, culminating activity for the SAGE students, who have been learning about weather and discussing their future opportunities throughout the year.