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Students Show Off Talents at Variety Show

student holds up rubiks cubes From dancing, to singing, to telling jokes, the talents of Deerfield Elementary School students were on full display at the school’s Variety Show on the evening of March 27 and during the school day on March 28.

The Variety Show was an opportunity to showcase the many talents of the students at Deerfield Elementary. Jam packed with dancing, singing, gymnastics, comedy and more, the show was an hour of entertainment for all who were able to watch it, including the entire Deerfield student body and staff on March 28.

With a Michael Jackson dance routine, a rapid-fire completion of several Rubik’s Cubes, karate chopping, gymnastic splits, piano playing and everything in between, the students who participated in the show wowed the audience from one act to the next.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this show a success!

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