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First Grade Animal Wax Museum Displayed

Gorillas and turtles and spiders, oh my!

For one day on May 21, the gymnasium at Deerfield Elementary School looked like a zoo as the school held its first grade Animal Wax Museum showcase once again.

Each student was designated an animal that they did research on to prepare for the event. Students created poster boards with information about the animal and a diorama to put on display, and they also dressed up in costumes to represent the animals they researched.

Throughout the day each class walked through the Animal Wax Museum, which included animals such a coyote, seal, shark, turtle, tarantula, gorilla, lobster, arctic fox, polar bear and more. Family and friends also had the opportunity to view the museum.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to support the students and their hard work!

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two students in costume students sit with their projects